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Posted by Rayhan Naufal Asyrafi on Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

ayodanceThis post is still in touch with the online game cheat, namely Cheat Ayodance 2011. Cheat cheat ayodance 2011 is that the fans will later this audition online game. By how to play an easy course, you can perform hundreds of dance movements that cool and fantastic, like a dancer movement TOP idol artist, or a romantic dance choreography. Play with your partner! There are also many other interesting features in Audition AyoDance.

Cheat Audition Ayodance 

1. With Hackshield Disable Regedit
2. Turn on the cheat engine 6.0 (Search in Google A lot)
3. Go to Settings automaticly Attach Audition.exe
4. Suspend Audition.exe new fitting out its icon in the taskbar
5. Stay Scan

How to Scan:

- Number Of Chance Hack
SCAN AOB: 00 01 01 00 01 01 00 00 00
continue to browse this memory region
then look for addresses that valuenya 03 and add to the cheat table
(03 tsb is the number of chance)

- Force Insane
After Finding the Address Number of chance and then subtract 1F2
- Force Map To Club MG
Address Number Of Chance deducting 20A
- Skin Hack
Address Number OF Chance plus 23EE0
(Skin Value: 0 = Normal, 1 = White, 2 = Black)

6. Make Living Trainer

- Only Mempersimple just the tutorial by using the existing addres
- If you say not useful because not ad-ss yes thats up to you want to try d ap gg
- This patch only work in this month alone
- Tested and Work on some computers that do not work there may be the wrong time

Hopefully useful Cheat Audition Ayodance. If there is a problem with this cheat, cheat or ask for passwords or not use the road just forgive yah hehe. Maybe the game has been updated.. Good luck and can still work the cheat :)
turut berduka atas gempa dan tsunami yang terjadi di jepang PRAY FOR JAPAN...

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